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Since 1985, Traction Tire has invested heavily in training and developing our employees helping create a culture of hard work and family. We are looking for hard working people that want to build a rewarding career to join us.

Our success starts and ends with our people.

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Teamwork at it's finest

Our diversity reflects the customers and communities where we do business. We celebrate the unique perspectives that each person brings, and we know that a diverse workforce is essential to our success.

No two people share the same background, culture, abilities or values – and at Traction we want you to contribute in a way that only you can. 

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Women excel in our workplace

All of our roles offer significant room for growth and we are proud to support women breaking stereotypes. With the support of both management and peers, women at Traction are encouraged to pursue new opportunities and rise to new levels in their career.

From career support to flexibility for maternity leave, we ensure that women have what they need to succeed.

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Comfortable and inclusive

We live these founding values every day. From listening to new and creative ideas to supporting our veterans and those with disabilities, we believe in giving everyone an opportunity to grow and succeed. This mentality is practiced by every team member, creating a comfortable, inclusive and family-like environment.

Career Paths

We believe in giving everyone the opportunity to grow and succeed. No matter where you start, Traction Tire will support you as you work hard and grow with us.

Come join our crew.

We believe in giving everyone the opportunity to grow and succeed. No matter where you start, Traction Tire will support you as you work hard and grow with us.

Taking care of our own

Traction is committed to improving the lives of our employees and giving them opportunities to grow and create wealth for themselves and their families.

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Comprehensive Health

Several health benefit options are made available after just 60 days.

Professional Development

We provide training options that will help grow your career.

Competitive Compensation

In addition to competitive wages we offer paid-time off, sick days, & a comp day on your birthday

Hear from our team

Traction Tire is a great place to work and grow your career. Read our teams stories to learn more.

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I started in 2011 as a Driver and worked my way up through the organization. After being a Driver, I moved into the Warehouse, then to a Warehouse manager, then an Operations manager, from there into Dispatch and then on into Sales where I currently run outside sales. The best part about Traction is the People. Working here feels like a family, and like everyone is someone you can tell anything to. Advice I would give to someone considering a career with Traction is to have an open mind and be willing to work and learn. Traction is a place that encourages different opinions and you shouldn’t be afraid to speak your mind and suggest creative solutions.
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I started in the Warehouse in 2012. Then I rose up to Driver, then Assistant Warehouse Manager, Road Sales and now Inside Sales. I love the fun and hard working environment at Traction. There is a real sense of ownership and individuality in your work. One of the best things about working here is the family feel. There is a real culture of flexibility and understanding across the company. At Traction Tire we go above and beyond for our customers. We pride ourselves in being true partners with our customers and help them grow and expand their own business. There are real opportunities at Traction Tire, you’ll see that when it’s your turn, rise to the occasion.
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I started at Traction in 2016 as the Director of Sales, where I worked until I moved to oversee Purchasing for the company. Working at Traction is fun, exciting, fast-paced, with lots of opportunities and room for creativity. The People at this company are amazing and the people in the industry are fantastic. If you’re ready to share your ideas, you should know that your creativity won’t be wasted!
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I joined Traction Tire in 1985 as a Warehouse Associate. Then I became a delivery driver, then went into Logistics, next Sales and am now working in Dispatch There is a lot of opportunity at Traction Tire if you work hard and learn everything you can. I started from the bottom and have had a very rewarding career. Traction feels like home and a family.
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I started at Traction Tire in 2010 as an Administrative Assistant. After this I moved into Inventory Controlling, the Finance, then into Technical Project Management and now as a Business Analyst I love working here because two days are the same. Everyone gets the chance to learn and wear a lot of different hats. There is a lot of support when we are solving problems and we champion new ideas, even getting the opportunity to take ownership of your ideas and see them through. Working at Traction Tire lets you make a real difference in a company and have true job satisfaction.
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I joined Traction Tire in 2006 as a salesperson, then I moved into accounting, became a manager and now am heading all receivables. Traction is a very family conscious business. We know that family comes first. We are proud to work hard for Traction Tire because we know that if you do good by Traction, Traction will do good by you.
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I started at Traction in 2016 as a part time driver and worked hard, rising to a full time driver, then Assistant Warehouse Manager, then Warehouse Manager, and now to Shift Manager I love the family environment at Traction. Everyone is fun and friendly and that hasn’t changed since the day I started here.
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I started at Traction in April 2017 as a Staff Accountant, became an Accounts Payable Specialist and am now head of HR and Controller. The people are the best part about working at Traction. The company is diverse, family oriented and offers a great work-life balance making it easy to give 100% Traction offers a real career path with a lot of room to move up in the company if you work hard.
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A message from Allen, CEO

In my 18 years as CEO, our people have remained a top priority. We hire based on morals and ethics because I believe we can train anyone who has those two things and wants to work hard. At Traction Tire we champion honesty and communication. We are a family here and this family doesn’t let each other down. If someone needs help loading a truck or delivering to a customer, I’m there.

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